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INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4 : our goodHUBSguide awards for 2020 startupgrind and zoomuni- started in london 2005 year of make poverty history hubbers thank klaus schwab for extending a week long skiing for leadership hunt to 4 cities linking in humansai- san framcisco, tokyo, beijing, delhi- it was a pity that those who met at san francisco in 1945 chose one way to un just the atlantic belt roads not asia pacific beltroads too- after all two thirds of humans live on the asian continent and it was the british english mindset which trspun slavery and povery traps across the old world- born to a scottish veteran who served his last days as a teen i would exist without the kindness of americans stopping the old world from 2 global wars but that doesnt mean enough americans understood diversity of colred skinned original continents of asia or africa in 1945 -any un curriculum in american schools needed to connect california with maps of asia, west asia landbridge to africa not just the vanities of the western g6 representing less than 10% of people lives- these inequalities were an accident of how the first 18 decades of humans and machines spread- if only what glasgow u's watt and smith started up in 1760s had spread as efficiently as nature's virus- this is a terminal reminder that man's globalisation is broken wherever it fails exinction-testing rules of bottom-up and open not trumpian top down and bordered
- special china thanks: BRI Belt Road IQ -need custom guide rsvp normanmacrae foundation, DC-text 240 316 8157
Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support
Even as the 1960s moon race inspired the world, we need to understand how unequal the opporttunity to innovate had been - even in the 1960s as many as half the world's people had no access to electricity grids so they got their news of the moon race by word of mouth.

Consider 1000-1500- until the last few years of this period , the known world was Europe-Asia and NE Africa; #BR8 the med sea was the main world trade waterway; places facing this sea increasingly developed win-win trades; moreover #BR7 the west asian border to med sea was the start of an amazing overland relay of traders which stretched all the way to china (the silk road was the greatest overland world trade route ever and to sustain its interfacing markets required positive cross-cultural bridging all along its route. Silks and spices from the Chinese end acted like a positive currency- there was much demand for them whose value naturally went up the further they were merchanted back to Europe. Everyone gained for this trading route- you can read marco polo's diaries- perhaps nowhere invested more in artistic celebrations of being a major hub of positive trade than his hometown venice in europe and the town he was asked to govern for 2 years in china Hangzhou which marco described as the great town of markets in the world.)

What happened towards 1500 that 2 long shipping routes were discovered by north europeans- the new world of the ameriucas to the west (#BR6 N, #BR10 what we now call Latin America), and a way of reaching the @BR2 South Asian coastal Belt (starting with the indian subcontinent) by sailing around africa. A ship captain couldnt affird such a long return voyage unless he goit what trade he wanted- soon this big ships were equipped with gun power and crews were pressganged or even enslaved. Next in the process was colonising. So it was that nations became big by pludering economies of other peoples places. Back in 1500 places economic size was corelated with population. Soon Britain grew at the expense particularly of the Indian subcontiuent. Mainly Britain and France colonised Africa too, Spain andPotrtugal colonised Latin America. North America was settled by a mixyure of Europeans whose declaration of Indendence in 1776 ended any attempt by Britain to colonise America, But we should note that the USA was built on a sort of internal colonisation - natives had theor places taken over and slaves were used to do most of the hard labour. In effect the old war's colonial ways casued the 2 world wars of the fkirst half of the 20th C. From 1946 most of the world's countries regained their independence but starting from (mainly undeveloped states - poverty that the colonia era had gtraped them in).

Ironically whule the UDA came to tghe resuce of the old workld and from 1946 helped relaunch the two biggest losers of world war 2 Germsny and Japan, american (not withstandiong thair family trees origins) had previously had little modern of knowledge of Eurasia but were pulled into peacekeeping and the cold war with russia through the sceond half of the 20th C. Whilst there was some understanding of the extraoerdinary progress japanese enginers made with electornics, civil and other enginnering, the rise and rise of the east and the often difficult bodrers that had been caused by British and Jpoanese colonisation of the region are not deeply studied by most Americans or their media. It should be the best news the world has ever seen that the fifth of the world in chjna tghat closed itself to the world for more than a centiry after Brfits has offered opium as a gtrading currency in 1860 is now as entrepreneurial as anywhere. With over half of tghe world's ;people facikng either the sout asia or east asia coastal belts, the opportunity the east is cfreating to win0pwin gtrade oin line with moore's ever increasing technology should make sustainable youth worlwdie the gfreatesty positive curency-invetsment the human race has ever mapped. But this is not how USA or the block of coungtriues ruled by the Euro have marketed transapfrently. Instead we are caught in the Keynsian crisis of economist not valuing the hippocratic oathes he had published as tghe final chapter of the ngeneral throy of employment money and interest. The 2020s are likely to make the system designs our tech spreads irreversible- will the end game be big brother extinction or little sister sustainability?

Monday, January 22, 2018

ear ian - i think you know everyone circulated except perhaps thorkil who is creating million jobs for families with autism invited by royal classes all over the world-maybe you never mnet peter ryan but whenever mostofa or i could understand yunus it was peter in london mkit and malawi where my niece died who explained things

worldwide girls communities for all 2018
in one sense its simple walk back from singapore through malaysia (asean) myanmar bangladesh (china) india pakistan over to united arab emirates aden suez bordering countries until you get to the med sea along the route that english empire colonised when pirate/slave ships of the east india company took over from travellers like marco polo

  sure charles knows it (the empire that james wilson was asked to mediate for queen victoria) well ; and anyhow in 1964 as my brand chartering book tells it he met akio morita who was installing a tv set in the british embassy in tokyo so charles could see the olympics in color and they married wales and sonys first european plant- so even if for reasons i have never understood the duke of edinburgh calls the chinese slitty eyed - charles is quite comfy with oriental fusion

sadly instead of win-win trades empire  from 1500 scaled by engines from 1700s was win-lose and drew up borders- then world wars over carbon built the 7 big nations while doing even less for the east - hell knows china had to hide beijing a great wall for a century and a half as brits only want to trade opium, but we finally did the right thing giving them back hong kong (can you imagine an american congress giving bank hong kong) -

 so the good news at the end of world war 2  journalised by my father at the economist for 50 years was the east grew with win-win trade models not win-lose ones - and thats where we still are -china is trying to mediate win-win economy with over 70 national leaders ; and guterres and jim kim ---- and trump and americans are so out of everything that nuclear war is their next step unless somebody with english speaking common sense moves in now and gets japan south korea and japan to celebrate the future of communities for all the alibaba way out of tokyo - i mean for heaven sake if these 3 eastern countries cant value the future of youth together now why should india join in and who the flip do you think can sort out north korea

well back from 1950 the whole eastern empire starting with japan but then korea and china diaspora superports (singapore hk taiwan) then china has been remapping these belt roads -  by 1970 japan and the chinese diaspora were number 2 and 3 in terms of financial networks with only america bigger

until jinping and jack ma came along the rising east was everything that connected china and japan and south korea and singapore in trade if not in jack ma's loveq

but now its everywhere goodwill girls refugee learning networks and opens spaces can reach - guterres will be hosting moeter of all education summits on this in september and then moving the un's budgets (ie 70 national leaders investment plans in sustainability generation) to beijing in tome for may 2019 belt road global 2.0... this isnt the time for britain to be brexited - it is the time for the BCJK4 to summit - britain representing all goodwill english speaking knowhow with china korea south and japan (moon jae in is as good a servant leader as jinping as anyone who attend the asian infrastructure investment bank summit in korea last summer could see - trouble in 2018 is nobody really knows who leads japan and uk unless the royal and emperor families step in for sustainability above the uk and japan noisty parliaments)

sir danny alexnader (previous head of uk treasury but now treasurer for jinpings aiib) and lord stern with india and china are hosting mumbai summit in june to try and get modi to join this vision of bcijing before indias elections in 2019 instead of worrying that pakistan has joined part of chinas east west club first which - is all nonsense as the brits never wanted to partition pakistans from india but the aga khan put his foot down in 1946

there must be someone around charles who can show that this is the  greatest english language opportunities to celebrate commonwealth if only enough english and chinese girls could speak each others languages -after all its victoria and elizabeth who sustained commonwealth as the only democratic leaders above the rotten mass media

what amy and sir fazle have also  been on about all along as far as i understand women lift up half the sky

i am sure she can explain better than I if you ask her to tell you what she really thinks instead of her polite face which for some reason she seems to feel people i talk to anat- if they do that certainly was not what my fathers life work was about in trying to puncture every conventional wisdom bubbled before it destroyed sustainability of youth and communities

ian did you stay in touch with yuxuan- shes now a rhodes scholar in oxford (which i remember amanda sponsored a summit at while she through she was still working with richard curtis who sadly never comes to places like qatar inspite of being in un eminent 15 ) when i have failed to introduce the context she is much more firm but then her parents are responsible for governing the province next door to north korea which must be quite difficult to open space

thanks for considering missionaries impossible deadlines -its where sustainability goals are tipping with nowhere for english-language goodwill to go if we dont mediate this now....chris
On Monday, 22 January 2018, 11:25:01 GMT-5, Ian Ryder <> wrote:

Hi Chris,

Thanks for this - I have sent a message to Amanda to ask if she is available to meet up for lunch so I can go through the principle of what I think you are saying here...I must be honest and say I got pretty lost in your slides though, but I am not sure any amount of explanation would sort that for me...much to thick I think!!!

Truthfully, I will do my best to get to Amanda and try to put the link up for Prince Charles with Jack Ma etc on their agenda....we can only try our best, right??!!

Hope you are otherwise well....speak as soon as I get word back...

Best wishes


On Fri, Jan 19, 2018 at 2:35 PM, christopher macrae <> wrote:
please could you look at first map of 5 slides attached- tell me if we need to skype about it

1 do you have some questions on it?
2 please could you explain it to amanda - prince charles need to contact jack ma and whomever the Emperor think is the most relevant person in japan now; mostofa can you see if sarah will let you explain it so she can mediate charles green side as well as make sure bangladesh amd girl power are fully linked in

its pivotal if prince charles and jack ma are to return britain (and even macron) to helping sustain the world'- all english language education curriculum need correcting round this maps cultural economics before tokyo olympics

the good and the bad news is all across this map , 70 years of being behind the curve in resolving british empires old colonised poverty traps has brought us to the stage where only chinese mediators can win the trust to help connect 65 national leaders belt roads

fortunately the old head of the treasury sir danny alexander and dads old friend lord stern are on the job of connecting china and india but i dont think they have had time to ask themselves how much prince charles knows about all this -   both dad and charles started reconciling japan at olympics 1960 and obviously charles networks know how to linkin commonwealth maps in way that none of us can subliminally understand

to leave english speaking people out of this just because of brexit or trump  or because we cant speak chinese could be the final mistake in starting nuclear war instead of belt road peace mapping

the guy who edited billionaire philanthropy at the economist for 25 years has just leapt over to rockefeller foundation in ny where amy and I met him last week- maybe amanda could link him into

I hope its obvious the way media spins things thats the 4 crises on slide 1 will not come again after 2018  if we dont sort get the information flows sorted before the first ladies of refugees take over the un general assembly conversation in september - if people are specifically integrated in one of these i wish they would say how they want to take over making sure amy has the story and connections in time to help

I have a green card problem which is delaying my conversations with sir fazle abed and qatar foundation and understanding who is going to make sure guterres has the same maps

I can however work with the auditor of asian infrastructure investment bank and the chinese end of wise education summits and the dairist of jinping goals all of whom commute through DC

Amy needs amanda or jack ma teams connection now since this sort of map is the last thing in the world jeffrey sachs and all new york bankers, trump businessmen, clinton congress and ad agencies will be using- a classic case of whose stories are we trying to free the world with

1 What actually happened between 1946-1969? In japan s korea and china diaspora superports such as Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore ;  english language rulers got out of way of governing while passing on tech; 

amazingly colonial age enemies :japan versus korea south , china (diaspora) redesigned win-win trade routes which went beyond the win-lose trades of the colonial age, and innovated directions beyond big get bigger industrial age (japa was first to help humans leap on to electronic engineering moores law-f doubling microelectronics and engineering infrastructure apps out of which supertrains and superports were mapped); by 1970 japan was the world's 2nd largest economy,  and south korea has also focusing on the postindustrial - engineering model from jaoan,  while the chinese diaspora were becoming the world's 3rd biggest financial network by linking in win-win trades across hemispheres' strategically located ports ; the english had got out of the poverty trapping way that their colonisation of the empire had mainly caused ; 

until and including s korean war usa made a lot of sacrifices as it had from world war 2 on and had enabled marshall plans etc so that the peoples in countries like japan and korea south got a chance to leap ahead with re-engineering and hi-tech as had also been facilitated in w germany 

all of these countries gained hugely as there peoples effectively spent nothing on international peacekeeping other than design win-win trades whereas countries like usa spent over 20% of their citizens money; this could always need to be anticipated as a temporary exchange; wherever it wasnt troubles have been brewing; it is necessary  for today's worldwide youth to understand that from 1946 the most powerful enemy of human sustainability was stalin; wherever small nations got caught up in his cultural paradigm whole regions never got the chance to go peacefully post colonial post industrial 1 that this cluster of eastern hemisphere did

all over eurasia (from end to end of the old empires of japan and britain , muddles blocking trade and happiness can be mapped; however 2018 indicates 4 most urgent foci as far as we can see

india and china need to co-create te corridor thru bangladesh myanmar down to asean and singapore

the world needs to free the people of north korea with a superport

countries sharing the med sea and mena, the suez canal and gulf remain in meeses that only the first ladies refugees network being the number 1 education attraction at the united nations general assembly 2018 can start repairing http://  

digital tech can help in all sorts of ways but only if these structures on the ground blossom with peace and green flows as well as youth jobs

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