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Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

i would like you to meet max- he is pivotal to polar belt road graduates- now heading a consultancy in dc he graduated from tufts in boston; i am writing from their 7th annual arctic circle summits - lots of chinese and asian students connecting all of bostons colleges and the 8 countries which depend on the arctic circle - last year max as the main graduate hosts - so he knows all the speakers and student networks

i think there are huge positive connections between max's networks and both green thinktanks such as brookings at tsinghua, other ai thinktanks and branches of damo academy (one of yesterdays student pitches inspired by 2 years in the uae creates students exchanges around the world using augmented reality  so they can experience each others communities, distant learning networks eg fu's hujiang and anyone concerned with the belt road networks (basically all china neighbors with northern interests) from taiwan japan korea upwards- apparently most icebreakers are built in korea

there are a lot of other urgent things to discuss if india and china are to have optimal connections or if chinese best education changemakers are to maximise connectivity at the united nations general assembly summit guterres has requested in september 2018 or march 2019 macron educators summit in paris belt belt road 2.0 beijing may 2019

i am also wondering how to make sure china tech wizards maximise c100 santa clara meeting may 2019 - are you going this year?

best chris macrae

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