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Thursday, January 25, 2018

My information jigsaw is this (happy to be corrected if you fit pieces a different way)

1 Jinping is now trusted by 80 national leaders to connect their countries in all kinds of infrastructure - hard eg rails and ports, soft eg education and in between tech  - my understanding is that trump's corresponding score across regions is next to zero - being the expert in building walls, threatening wars and adding duties on solar is the opposite game

2 this is chinas main summit with americans on small enterprise finance however the chinese coordinators of this network were interviewed on davos - they say when the summit is hosted in china it works; when hosted in silicon valley there's too little understanding of the 80 nations and the extreme system designs - at its peak alibaba's singles day 11/11 has to handle quarter a million financial transactions  minute without breaking down- america simply isnt used to such a coding system challenge

3 it has been announced that baltimore failed to make the shortlist for amazon hq 2 - though one site on montgomery county, one in virgina and one in dc are still in

4 on tuesday i see both the auditor of jinpings infratructure bank and the person who knows as much as anyone about education projects all across belt roads; since they commute between dc and china i can ask them is there a coding network in usa that they use or would want to use or have they already given up 

5 compare context out of usa is versus other regions youth - for example june through september india's modi and jinping put their heads together 3 times- i assume this will include indian coders in this but where will americans ever get included  - in the past developing nations werent big economies so they had to get finance from the old rich economies - now china is the biggest economy it aims to design new currencies and blockchain so that a developing economy is never again subprimed by bad big banking in the west- amy has been at interview where she has been told quite clearly that china has a very short list of guru wester economists it will let near this challenge- i think we can name all 4 of them

as an a group if you see youself as a talent agency for youth in midst of designing sustainable trading webs and blockchains and skills everywhere do you have enough knowhow to jelp staff a tech group relevant to belt road - please work this out as a group i dont need conversation with each individual; i do need to know what i am saying on tuesday

 after all the global2.0 meeting spaces where the coders association who will build all this are pretty welk known between now and tokyo 2020 but while the googles and accentures will feed in their global staff the idea that every american city has organic staff capable of being included in how all this is built will quickly vaporise 

thanks chris

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