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Wednesday, January 31, 2018


dear ian ,, friends
have you had a chance to get meeting with amanda (or if not her richard curtis team) -

 what happened in beijing today has huge implications for girl empowerment and

 happy to fly over if you like this new turn  -cgtn on may's spring -premier li - we invite britain to co-create a golden era with china where its always spring time

please see  first bookmark to curricula linking 100 cultures diversity need ,lots of help in editing links and stories) LEARNING NATION GAME OF FIVES

it is important from the british viewpoint that 80% of sustainability goals curricula are either published in english or chinese - as america is out of this process, brexit is an advantage if we get all of charles work included in sustainability dialogues between china and uk and worldwide teachers

may i suggest
amy and mostofa are chief editors on behalf of asian girls cultures as that is what sir fazle abeds family has asked them to do that

if we list the top countries jinping wants to unite bri wuth him most in 2018 then apoart from UK
india comes top - javeed is doing huge education work on that - ian i know that both you and I understand harpreet wants to be on a mission which her connections with a 15 million peoples movement of india needs to clarify

 from 1500s british ships colonised the whole east to west trade route in ways that compounded poverty instead of free trade but also through brett wilson family founding the economist tried from 1860 to undo this disaster -so this scottish school of economics has 158 years of helping people redesign the main belt road route - my understanding of this is that

between 1000-1500 the med sea was the greatest trading sea in every way it is now the unhappiest with refugees

all western civilisations had grown up around this sea- perhaps it was climactically most suitable as well as alowing people to sail between europe asia and africa but then doing every trade overland as soon as traders reached the main asian continent

at the other end of the silk road marco polo celebrated hangzhou of jack ma as china's metahub presumably its yangtze river connects it with todays' shangaha; so hangzhou was like the med sea the natural eastern metahub of eurasia

unfortunately when sailors discovered they could go round africa to middle east india asean and china - their means of world trade became hostile, empire economics was zero-sum and big get bigger- after all sailing for hundreds of days was so unhealthy you used slaves as crew; and when you got to your destination port instead of asking what win-win trades you could do you colonised- the east india corporation was probably the nastiest corporation the world ever saw- its legacy in insisting china took opium for spices silks and porcelain was closing down chinese peoples dreams for over 100 years
the brits ruling the waves caused the greatest east west mischief - basically all along the coastline of the south of eurasia- so the brits both have the knowledge and the language to help china reconcile this if only prince charles and his children will stand up and say this is what the future of uk and china relationship can educationally connect -and start promoting 10 times less costly ways of learning english....

you can improve every cross cultural version of the above stories if you choose to include rome and dhaka and qatar- presumably the churches of the uk can host a dialogue on this - actually windsor castle has the best retreat in the country for hosting such a dialogue as i have experienced

camilo can add latin versions of this especially including south america; he and jayfus can find coders and electronic engineers capable of connecting world class english speaing coders of big data small with china

thorkil connects the number 1 health solutions network that many rich families of public servants want to be worldwide

you all can choose others who can linkin this greatest missing curriculum but in marketing something like this the race starts today and unless we massively open source exciting stories now people with a lot more money will start changing this curricula to something much less win-win and certainly much less likely to map how girls lift up half the world' and virtually all odf sustainability

fortunately brac runs the largest non-government primary school system and has invented mist of girls deepest solutions to sustainability communities

ed and bob have know how banaglesh started with the 2 leapfroging technologies in 1996 of mobile communication and microsolar' alvin hosts americas original black girls social justice movement out of baltimore and is assisted technically by jayfus. baltimore dindt comne in the first 20 in race to amazon hq2 though 3 spacs in tristate region remain in -does bezos want to use unite region to go post-trump;; who knows?

any errors are mine alone but please can everyone clarify
do you want to join in this - before deciding are there any clarifications needed?

; as i try to say I am not the main storyteller of any of this but i do know where the data is from 1946 since my dad helped eidt it and my grandad wrote up the legalese of india's independence

the economist is now owned primarily by the dagnelli family the economist 2 main editors between 1995-2014 are now both in new york- one editing bloomberg the other hired by rockefeller foundation to revitalise their belagio college in italy! amy knows the latter guy matthew bishop- through 1989 -1904 i gave these two men the main branding scoops which they called the year of the brand, the death of the brand and the death of brand management - they didnt fully understand the curriculum of avoiding fake media or valuing hi-trust networks - ian knows those sujects beter than  i do

billy reminds amy (from her 3rd day outside china) and everyone that all youth need to network is friendships

thanks chris

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