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Friday, January 17, 2020

this is where i think we who could happily see chinese girls change the world have reached --- doubtless i will be informed if we are mostly somewhere else

70% or more of what 11 years plus are taught all over the western designed examined classroom is irrelevant or consciously harmful to what youth neow need to learn to do if they are to work on sustainability livelihoods let alone the mass collaboration practices of peace and womens/child's safety

fortunately guterres, as a global2.0 partner of the confucian Xi Jinping.  at the UN has called for the mother of all learning summits on sept 2018 at the general assembly - this will be led by first ladies of refugee learning together with those they understand in the un's panel of 20 eminents; as of last week amy was still testing whether rockefeller is joining in too - while some people are interested in mapping which of 200 nations leaders change after experiencing this , people like me wonder if this isnt the last chance for the UN's neighbor to change education ie new york -
 it will be interesting to see if the UN's neighbor New York can also become a number 1 capital of jobs-education for worldwide youth not just the financial capital that subprimed the world nor the ad agency capital that divorced sustainability truth from 99% of its communications (if you have ever trained to work in the westren's world's largest ad agencies you will know that every trick in the psychiatrists book is used to addict people -and you can search how many markets have nothing much also with freedom of speech and everything to do with which vested interest from drugs and gun-power down has the largest budget)

while the 10000 alumni of education laureates swarming on the UNled by first ladies of refugee learning and girls empowerment education dont know that much about safely mashing up  the politics of peace other than its not been happening in the areas they are most concerned with I think there are two sorts of understanding that we can help celebrate from knowing open space and being guided round china's community loving families

good trade when it  (including arts as well as goods and big data small apps) involves every family's livelihood in a place can build peace

open space and what cultural self-confidence a child takes into teen age years is something that the empire-designed school was charged with destroying and which is one reason why we must take education out of the classroom the way jack ma begs us to do

(before new york english speaking lords and knights have been asked to compere a summit in mumbai - it turns out that if the pope walked back from myanmar to rome he could travel along countries british empire messed up and then quickly partitioned as world war 2 bankrupted the english; this same route is being massively invested in by china's belt road leaders but will india join in - thats probably the biggest positive geopolitical decision turning point in my lifetime -lets hope for once BRENTERS happens at the right time)

there's a bit more on peace's links to other missing curricula at edu and belt road mapping make it simpler for youth to thrive as sustainability generation 

thanks chris macrae washington dc 240 316 8157 linkedin
World Record Job Creators who bridge Chinese-English Language Cultures Worldwide
Tim Berners Lee

Architect and music culture co-founders of c100 Yo Yo Ma , IM Pei
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