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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

David please may i clarify our editors of sino-english book of world record jobs creators: admire mr fu of hujiang a lot - quite possibly he is more important than sal khan or any of the western designers of mooc including the chinese american andrew ng at stanford  or those at MIT  (even berners lee?) because he has both scaled an education company valued at over a billion and gives back with a platform that can connect 20000 students at a time and which he uses to include many thousands of rural schools in china that still have less than 15 pupils- while he does this particular application of big-small whatever else he does he's connecting jinpings main internal promise (end rural poverty by 2021) so has a practice influence on future on online education that few if any are free in 2018 to map

BUT My relationship to him is limited to asking question from audience when he made the equivalent of a chinese ted style presentation at the number 1 education summit in the world which is coming to the united nations in september - a huge opportunity for chinese students in new york like amy  (actually chinese ted style agent is probably the person amy can build a relationship with to get to mr hu because they are both storytellers, and designers of open space networks that lift up half the sky for girls)
Mr. Cairui Fu
CEO and Founder

Arnold Fu, founder, chairman and CEO of Hujiang, is a young Chinese man who was born in a small town of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu province in 1979. He has never dreamed of becoming a millionaire. Instead, he hopes to help as many people as he can. As a notable young entrepreneur and one of the most successful student-turned businessmen in China, Fu was also named as ‘Makers & Shakers’ on the list of Global EdTech Index top 50 by WISE. Today, Hujiang has become China’s EdTech Unicorn company with valuation over 1 billion USD and has served more than 150 million users, including 120 million mobile subscribers.   As for Mr. Fu, online education is crucial to promoting fair education across the board by creating more equal access to educational resources, and he has adhered to this ideal for over 10 years. Fu has long been devoted to an educational charity program called the Hu+(Hujia) Project. Initiated by his company, Hujiang EdTech, this project aims to change the traditional education model through the use of internet technology. The Hu+ Project both improves and optimizes the sharing of high-quality educational resources. Under his leadership, Hujiang’s mission is to make education easier, fairer and more enjoyable! 

if we organised a leaders tour to shanghai hujiang is almost the first place i would try and get a visitors pass to; fortunately the people who audit jinpings development bank are based in shanghai and I know the chief auditor- so organising some tour of shanghai is a top priority inj 2018- maybe the best time is ahead of the huge expo in november that shanghai is hosting

so yes mr fu , jack ma. any other top 10 chinese educator-technologists we can find are subjects of continuous reporting updates that amy in chinese and ,my friends in english are trying to get all coding and community building experts to linkin; yes i would have thought that being at the origin of all extetile possibilities ought to empower lee to speak to one of chinas top 10 community technologists- i dont understand everyone's history of visits to china and why we seem to know whos who but havent found a way to be "in"

on tuesday i have a meeting with 2 very influential people and i will find out if either of them can pick up phone to mr fu- to both lee and jayfus and others who want to liberate youth with tech i have been nagging for years now that we all need to identify china's top tech people we believe in and find a way to form a network of coders in usa that they need as their won businesses go from impacting china to impacting theall under 30s; this idea is both very simple and very hard to open space- lee knows how hard amy has tried and so far not found anyone who helps us with visa or paid work; i am sure each of us listed could state one personal fread that mr hu or mr ma could liberate if we listed them but the problem remains what is that all of us collaboratively offer that hu or ma would give time to listen to; in ma's carse i know perfectly well what that is by the time he gets to the tokyo olympics but so far nobody is helping to assemble that in ways that logically get all of us closer

thanks chris
help vote for sino-english world top job creators so that amy can focus research and storytelling
please note we deliberately try and choose different but win-win connectors- not 10 with the same talent networks

E1 Jinping
W1 pope francis jim kim  (paul farmer)
E2 Sir Fazle
W2 Guterres
E3 Jack Ma
W3 Trudeau (macron) Prodi
E4 Sheikha Moza
 w4 tim berners lee mit open everything linux negrpronte
E10 hujiang fu  -connections with 100 of china's most active edu-4-jobs builders

W5 Harrison owen mwheatley dounder special olympics gunter pauli
E8 pres tsinghua  qiu yong  (china’s hubs unicorn) now that there are 5 milion startups a year
W6 Quadirs  - picard legatum abdul latif polak
E5Moon Jae-in
W7 elon musk
E6 Mahbubani
W8 Kissinger albright
E7 President Ghana (education un eminent 15)- most truisyed leader of youth africa
E32 Patrick Awuah, ashesi  (belcher Mandela extranet)

W9 bezos
E9 Nilekani? Modi kalam singh
E10 Softbank founder – genron leader – gov Tokyo  - founder genron ; governor tokyo
W10 Soros or prince charles – sir danny lord stern

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