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Monday, February 19, 2018

I want to summarise a few named links in case digital browsable details help

regarding China's Tsinghua as benchmark public servant university of SDG generation and girls:one person attended qatar nov namely 
Professor Weihe Xie
Director of the Institute of Education

Research Interests: - Principle of Education - Educational Sociology - Pedagogy of Higher Education Education: 1988, Ph.D. of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China 1985, Master of Philosophy, Nanjing University, Jiangsu Province, China 1982, Bachelor of Philosophy, Xiamen University, Fujian Province, China Employment: 2016~Now, Vice Chairman, Tsinghua University Council 2004~2015, Vice President, Tsinghua University 2002~2004, Chairman of University Council, Capital Normal University 1992~2002, Vice President, Beijing Normal University 1989~1992, Vice Dean, Department of Youth Education, Beijing Youth Politics College Membership: Vice President of the Chinese Society of Education Vice Director of National Council of Higher Educational Management Research

I should say that the route of chinese female graduates inspired by the honor to attend sir fazles 80th birthday through tsinghua has a different starting place so i dont immediately know best way to contact prof xie

yuxuan (now rhodes scholar oxford both a tsinghua graduate and intern with Stavros) and amy (now columbia uni new york) started with ying lowrey in Tsinghua - this extraordinary lady gets her students to write up the exploits of jack ma; scouts for alibaba at; started working life as one of china's barefoot doctors; spent about 20 years in usa on small enterprises and regards her chief mentor in usa as the nobel economist at columbia edmund phelps "mass flourishing"; 

through ying we also know how to connect with the chinese organisers of wise@beijing and because of going to chinese debates in washington dc i know the main amerina biographer cheng Li of jinpings diary and of china's top 50 thinktanks; cheng leads china research at brookings DC and their instituite at tsinghua is headed by the former head on china's main green thinktank

I am reasonably confident that if requests are  made to amy or yuxuan they can multiply fast through above contacts and many of the exciting ones at wise that i left you a printed sample of but full china delegate listing at wise qtara is here ; nest week in new york i am due to swap notes with an india equivalent of me who has spent 3 months following up wise with a survey of india's main education foundations - he will be in new york next week to brief amy and me and mostofa by skype

when we look at connections the UN already has with wise the main starting point is here -of course i dont understand why sir fazle abed is not on this global sdg council but here you will see sheikha,moza, jack ma, the president of Ghana who co-chairs UN eminents as well as running wise accra in may, and erna solberg who co-chairs both UN eminents and education commission with gordon brown- it is the education commission that has accepted that half of all youth will be unemployable unless we take education beyond the classroom -of course brac adolesecent girls clubs offer one massive beyond classroom paradigm especially if they can marry into technology hubs; in china this year all supercities are designing hubs to match an expected 5 million startups !  my experience is that as soon as you go out of tsinghua main gate you find yourself in the entrepreneur suburb of being a square mile of hub connections one needs a tsinghua travel guide to explore with- when jack ma is in beijing he chairs chinas top 50 entrepreneur club out of this suburb

in the earlier mp3 world, africa of around 2005 also started the best youth tech hub movement ihub in kenya about the same time as mpesa began there; since the quadir brothers who lead Bkash headhunted mpesa"s main designer nick hughes to connect with their reserach hubs at MIT and Legatum Dubai, they can map tech kenya better than I _however with BRICS hosted out of in september and zuma gone mostofa and my 10 year friendship  with taddy blecher founder of the free university in south africa can be timely - some sample videos of taddy and amy are at 

my guess is that as jack ma will continue to be epicentre of edutech - changes the world of participation of youth in communities at  tokyo olympics and already investing over 15 billion dollars in the damo academy for humanising artificial intelligence and blockchaining social services 

- while xi jinping host meeting to linkin the 100 most trusted national bankers of girls sustainability beyond borders; I know the auditor of asian infrastrucuire investment bank as well as Brits in Beijing and LSE who connect this annual summit with priority on aiiib mumbai june 2018 - fortunately the same un eminent council strongly represented by educatoirs is also being expert surveyed in time for major reports at aiib june 2018 and franscican g20 argentina july 2018

some of the above detail explain why i recommend youth to study connecting  sir fazle, jinping guterres, pope francis, and jack ma this year before any other futures jobsstudy; i will try and add more GirlSilkRoad connections to that in a blog by this weekend 

shanghai and the maps of mr fu at hujiang offer another space for girls4 sustainability to rapidly explore- fortunately the new development banking analysis os done out of shanghai ...

thank you chris macrae

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