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Monday, March 5, 2018

after kissingers shuttle diplomacy (xi-trump) dec 2016 you and he briefed c100 his message was: history will judge you as best or worst presidents of all time depending on whether you unite the sustainable world of nations and youth - please dont spiral the opposite ie a new cold war era where every nation has to take sides between china and usa

do we have a plan b if the evidence is in that trump wont play ball (or doesnt believe in any games rules anyhow)

here are some urgent b routes though i am sure you three can do better than I 

b1 i understand china's comfort zone is dealing with national leaders but in americas case are those responsible for win-win trades state governors and supercity mayors?; if so is it bloomberg or someone else who is uniting this association of us place leaders

june-sept 2018 sees 3 occasions where the world's 2 billion plus peoples nations lead the agenda starting with aiib mumbai june

b1.1 cheng your korean research group at brookings is very spirited too; at aiib korea jeju 2017 attended by moon jaein - the governor of jeju launched green big bang club for 2000 place leaders racing to carbon zero- can we help him identify a green big bang club americas (we have canada g7 trudeau (macron) and argentina g20 - aiib commissioned lord stern (india and green researcher at lse when gordon brown now un education envoy was pm) to interview the un eminent advisers on sustainability goals and report back to g20

b1.2 in may the annual c100 (this year out of silicon valley) has aiib president as keynote (additionally he has a brilliant daughter at lse) - where does TechBeltRoad update its annual mediation of youth's sustainability

b2 i believe 90% of english speaking youth dont want what trump will decide thru 2020; who represents english speaking youth that china would allow as a special guest either at BRICS or at Beijing's 1+6  eg someone like Prince Charles could also bring knowhow of how to reconcile the vast part of the silk road that Raj British Empire destroyed- is he eminent enough to represent english speaking dreams?

thanks to all chris macrae washington DC 

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