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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

max, vahe,shall we meet this week?
abby would wikipedia permit some study group of this sort- by all means connected with herstory launch if thats the way to get permission?

this keynsian map of what economists should be designing may sound naiive in a world where 20% of all us taxpayers money is spent on arms but i would like to link together notably half of world under 30s who just want to study win-win trades with anywhere - when it comes to education and  tech and redesigning value chians of sports and superstars and going green for communities we need that exploration databank and youth club more than we need standardised exams- 

for example the governor of jeju the south korean island host of asian infrastructire investment bank 2017 launched green big bang club for 2000 place leaders who want to benchmark carbon zero futures- as far as I know there were no places excluded from this as long as their search was genuine; 

(note i first met abby at UN during womens week 3 years ago - he is editing a section of wikipedia looking at womens view of world- currently only 10% of wikipedia is female; he grew up in indian vilages; he has been sponsored for 3 yeras to study grassroots health in boston - hope his connections and max's at tufts connect - he is in new york just starting 6 mionth project for india commission to un)

i felt that max's arctic circle (arctic university) friends at tufts are searching ofr this; i imagine vahe's region of the world is looking for this ; is there a way to linkin a club of youth who just want to l,ook for win-wins

when i visit the world's most collaboratve ngo (brac whose goal is empowering comen to develop communities without poverty) i get the same feeling of lets win-win with anywhere that wants girls-led communities to be sustainable; I also believe this is what all last mile health leaders want - eg originally bostons jim kim and paul farmer - the bylaws of the IMF will soon require it to move its headquarters to beijing, why not get girl empowered trading maps ready now

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