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Saturday, March 17, 2018

dear jose thanks for your email

I think many of us know livelihoods and indeed sustainability of youth is going to depend on technolgists particularly in edutech and fintech

I think we may have a way to linkin many of china's most extraordinary edutech people -eg many of those whos bios are illustrated in attached ppt -  in a club/association but it will depend in parr in having an active group of connectirs in new york because guterres is staging a seminal summit on this at the general assembly sept 2018 and his emminent committee are involved both in this education summit and linking their views to new investment banking summits some of whose leaders I now know

what might be best if it works for you is i will meet new yorkers like javeed, amy, ab who are in town and then one or more of them can meet you soon after your return

there's a lot of detail- for example i note that while we have several us people with great knowledge of fablabs, extextiles, resources on open elarning such as - the unions and other factors often block rapid sharing of this ; in china after the last 2 weeks session of china cppcc its almost the opposite if you have an edutech solution

best chris

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