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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I was introduced to Basir Mchawi last night - he works at the amazing John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan and hosts WBAI Brooklyn's radio show on education at crossroads; javeed introduced me- we first met at the WISE world leading education summit series inspired by my friend sir fazle abed who helped girls develop Bangladesh since 1972; the un's antonio guterres has asked all educators  WISE can find to stage a learning revolution summit at the united nations general assembly this year sept 2018; i met Reverent Alvin of Baltimore's Druid Hill Union Baptist Community (best known for nurturing Thurgood Marshall but also black girls first social justice movement circa 1880) a few years after meeting Rosa' Park's lawyer  Fred Gray and Tuskegee's community leader at a Muhammad Uunus celebration in Atlanta produced by the families of Martin Luther King, Ted Turner (CNN- UN Foundation) and Jimmy Carter

I am very confused as to where education world in america is going but thought you all might want to know of each other; we are aware of quite a few graduate students in columnbia university and elsewhere in new york region who would like to help. Our student alumni circles are  due to sampling 2000 yunus books and 10000 dvds since 2008 - the bronx video below was one of our attempts to create students unions that took back community action learning -  we need something far more empowering to viralise - but what?  The Collaboration Cafe 

Amy (now at Columbia) is a chinese storyteller who grew up in Mao's villages and who knows Medgar Evers students and had been trained in usa and china by  Harrison Owen inventor of open space technology to open space large scale action meetings but for reasons beyond her control after showing michael moores film  the top people at MEC decided not to go further in letting students explore their own solutions. Amy's friend Maurice is voluntee youth ambassador at vatican university and Premio Internazionale Giuseppe Sciacca

We know the new number 2 at Rockefeller Foundation who is looking for something big to do but he's a jouralist most used to talking to heads of billionnaire foundations so he's got rather abrupt way of dealing

Basir Mchawi has woven a distinguished career as an educator, activist and communicator. Having been a teacher and administrator in both public schools and independent Black schools, Mchawi has had an opportunity to stretch the limits of what can be done for our children.

Whether making the concerns of communities of color audible in the halls of the central bureaucracy or changing the character of public education by creating smaller community centered schools, Mchawi has always been in the forefront of the struggle for quality education.

In the mid and late 1970's, Basir Mchawi served as editor and publisher of Black News, the innovative monthly news magazine of Brooklyn's EAST organization. As producer and host of View from the EAST, a WLIB public affairs radio program, Mchawi helped transform talk radio in New York.

In the early 1980's Mchawi came to WBAI to produce a series of political and cultural programs including the ground-breaking 16-hour, The World According to John Coltrane. In 1996, Education at the Crossroads was first heard on Thursday evenings as part of the regular WBAI weekly lineup.

In the strange times we currently find ourselves in, Basir Mchawi continues to "agitate, educate and organize."I am currently working on developing a cadre of other producers and hosts for Education at the Crossroad. I am especially interested in bringing young people into community radio on both sides of the microphone.

Phone Number: (212) 209-2945

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