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Thursday, April 5, 2018

12 years of research of sir fazle abed (and yunus) in bangladesh and 10 years of research of jack ma which became 5 years of research of eg xi jinping shows that old western/g7 people do not yet have a sustainable clue for these sustainability-critical markets let alone others
clean energy distribution

i will try to write up this in a smoother way at by end of weekend

for now it matters a lot if young chinese ladies could sign sir fazle abed - a guide to collaboration's best for the world organisations  birthday card - you can do this with mostofa

here's very rough story on western cluelessness - by the way if you have never read 1999's essy on cluelessness you can find it at The Cluetrain Manifesto (anyine here know hero of open doc searls0

Do you agree we have a problem:  nations don’t yet have a clue about sustanaible models/purposes of markets of 1 health 2 banking 3 education 4 energy distribution ...
Ok there are a few clues but they are not even being linked in because of rotten media and western politicians who prefer to fight each other than build things for their peoples
Clue 1 in some small wealthy countries – probably nordica, singapore, new Zealand the clue is love your professionals so much that first they act on a Hippocratic oath, second every subprofessional decides they value serving their peoples more than just becoming individually rich
Clue 2 tech can – each of edutech, fintech, healthtech and energytech could map back a future (that’s exponentially sustainable instead of still about to crash) valuing 1000 times more connected tech than 1946… but the problem is simply illustrated by fintech- while the solution could be blockchain , its also potentially a trap of speculators bit coins instead of credit for the future big data small needs to give every community the capacity to be secure so that children can flousish growing up there

Clue 3 not only does each market need a purpose beyond making money- each market must-needs be an open systems gamechanger the other markets need – so for example education would also need to unlearn eg all sciences that still value too much carbon and let young people peer to peer mooc missing curriculum – the last reward structure likely to innovate the education needed is one where every teacher is guaranteed lifelong pensions for not changing the system

Clue 4 ironically America has two future in 1000 days time (start of 2021) – either no other country will want to partner it on innovating any of the above 4 markets, or whomever leads next wont just say trump got the wrong end of the stick – they will say he was a mover and shaker that showed that no politician since the birth of the worldwide web has helped the peoples see how to sustain communities all across america

clue 5 valuing girls in economic models can - if you find a western economic guru who says girls are already included in western economic models i am sorry to say this but he is at best delusional, and worst hired by speculatirs to big broither this world

(the good news for worldwide youth is mentally emigrate from usa now- connect your regions belt road winwiin trade maps and future sustainability goals of tehse 4 markets collaboratively with the world's 100 most trusted leaders - president xi and antonio guterres are jointly seraching whose this first 100 elders of sustainability are - and regarding youth-led education wise can search what belt road alone cant it we get youth embedded in wise@UNGA ny sept 2018 - more clues on that

all errors are mine alone
chris macrae  dc 240 316 8157

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