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Saturday, April 28, 2018

On Thursday the world's greatest job creating technologist jack ma
bought 20% of BRAC and sir fazle abed's - this will ensure that bangladesh always has great coders and bankers for women empowerment solutions and can continue to be the digital and global corporate brand lab for all poorest paces including much of india - see my linkedin note

As well as connecting with brac jack ma has great relationships with trudeau and is mad about climate (he puts .3% of all alibaba revenues into) climate foundation- clearly in the world we are in poorest village girls best chance of climate progress connects through macron and jinping and whomever else they and guterres can convince

I know that macron hosts an education summit inspired by brac as first laureate in march 2019 very timely as a climate and other segway to what will be chinas biggest belt road leadrers exchange in may 2019

I know that macron keynoted on education at un last year at a summit convened by compatriot gordon brown; due to a ticketing muddle and all the trump security- the students networks i had helped bring to that were locked outside

additionally my daughter is majoring in french at university

Maria if you dont feel you are the right person for me to come and meet can you discuss who is; i realise you have been studying bangladesh (and youth /community jobs) a lot longer than me- in 2005 it became my fathers last project at the economist, (most of hs greatest stories being either on eas-west win-wins or mobilising 1000 times more tech)

I think you know that with adam smith scholars and zasheem we published 8 issues of journal of social business - a total print run of over 20000 at least 1000 of which were shared at danonecommunities and other paris events

what great about china is fintech and edutech are merging around china's 2 main needs- livelihoods for half a bilion youth- peace and sustainability relationships with at least 15 neighbors

As well as the future of girls jobs education networks i try and befriend every chinese and other expert i can in new development banking and the maps of belt road; i would love to find out at least one person in paris who wants to keep up to date with all of this

many thanks for your consideration
chris macrae washington dc norman macrae foundation 240 316 8157

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