To understand why Mr Trump's 1461 day presidency to end of 2020 was likely to be the most dangerous whomever ruled the wavelengths, invites you to co-edit a 7 minute read on a short history of world trade in millennium 2 - see far right column. In Moore's laws maths -this period's exponential rise breaches singularity - for first one computer chip has more switching/analytic capacity than the human brain's cells- - The Games

  1. trump's 1461 days were natures, AI, SDG destiny's and most dangerous presidency this month's 3 greatest risks to under 30s goodwill webs and english-language edu- brexit, n korea and huawei (see keynesian analysis in next tweet)

INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION 4 : special china thanks: BRI Belt Road IQ -need custom guide rsvp normanmacrae foundation, DC-text 240 316 8157
Main reason for optimism is leapfrogging - thats when a society/place that was excluded from industrial age networks leapfrogs an old system to a new one thanks to 1000 times more COMstech than 1946; about a third of the world never had wired telephone lines, now almost all have mobile (text version); more than a quarter of the world never had electricity grids, now microsolar is linking in;. Prior to 2017 only Jim Kim open spaced this debated in DC: let's hope all parents and youth do now from usa to china to Rome, from Scotland to Argentina, from Bangalore to Haiti. from . G1 G2. Join and QBG -does your place have a JYK to celebrate global youth? futures of Liberty 1 & education 1
1:08 #2030now 3.19
0:39 0.31 1:40 1:02 1.21 jk search 1........ co
Which is your top 100 jim kim video vote for end-poverty tedx wcg..Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc2030nowjimkim.doc, where world demands women manage poverty why not development? Sources for millennials Happy 2015 dialogues of pih on 1 Ebola 2 how to leverage technology to radically engage patients on health care; UN is 2015 year of all change to sustainability goals... support
Even as the 1960s moon race inspired the world, we need to understand how unequal the opporttunity to innovate had been - even in the 1960s as many as half the world's people had no access to electricity grids so they got their news of the moon race by word of mouth.

Consider 1000-1500- until the last few years of this period , the known world was Europe-Asia and NE Africa; #BR8 the med sea was the main world trade waterway; places facing this sea increasingly developed win-win trades; moreover #BR7 the west asian border to med sea was the start of an amazing overland relay of traders which stretched all the way to china (the silk road was the greatest overland world trade route ever and to sustain its interfacing markets required positive cross-cultural bridging all along its route. Silks and spices from the Chinese end acted like a positive currency- there was much demand for them whose value naturally went up the further they were merchanted back to Europe. Everyone gained for this trading route- you can read marco polo's diaries- perhaps nowhere invested more in artistic celebrations of being a major hub of positive trade than his hometown venice in europe and the town he was asked to govern for 2 years in china Hangzhou which marco described as the great town of markets in the world.)

What happened towards 1500 that 2 long shipping routes were discovered by north europeans- the new world of the ameriucas to the west (#BR6 N, #BR10 what we now call Latin America), and a way of reaching the @BR2 South Asian coastal Belt (starting with the indian subcontinent) by sailing around africa. A ship captain couldnt affird such a long return voyage unless he goit what trade he wanted- soon this big ships were equipped with gun power and crews were pressganged or even enslaved. Next in the process was colonising. So it was that nations became big by pludering economies of other peoples places. Back in 1500 places economic size was corelated with population. Soon Britain grew at the expense particularly of the Indian subcontiuent. Mainly Britain and France colonised Africa too, Spain andPotrtugal colonised Latin America. North America was settled by a mixyure of Europeans whose declaration of Indendence in 1776 ended any attempt by Britain to colonise America, But we should note that the USA was built on a sort of internal colonisation - natives had theor places taken over and slaves were used to do most of the hard labour. In effect the old war's colonial ways casued the 2 world wars of the fkirst half of the 20th C. From 1946 most of the world's countries regained their independence but starting from (mainly undeveloped states - poverty that the colonia era had gtraped them in).

Ironically whule the UDA came to tghe resuce of the old workld and from 1946 helped relaunch the two biggest losers of world war 2 Germsny and Japan, american (not withstandiong thair family trees origins) had previously had little modern of knowledge of Eurasia but were pulled into peacekeeping and the cold war with russia through the sceond half of the 20th C. Whilst there was some understanding of the extraoerdinary progress japanese enginers made with electornics, civil and other enginnering, the rise and rise of the east and the often difficult bodrers that had been caused by British and Jpoanese colonisation of the region are not deeply studied by most Americans or their media. It should be the best news the world has ever seen that the fifth of the world in chjna tghat closed itself to the world for more than a centiry after Brfits has offered opium as a gtrading currency in 1860 is now as entrepreneurial as anywhere. With over half of tghe world's ;people facikng either the sout asia or east asia coastal belts, the opportunity the east is cfreating to win0pwin gtrade oin line with moore's ever increasing technology should make sustainable youth worlwdie the gfreatesty positive curency-invetsment the human race has ever mapped. But this is not how USA or the block of coungtriues ruled by the Euro have marketed transapfrently. Instead we are caught in the Keynsian crisis of economist not valuing the hippocratic oathes he had published as tghe final chapter of the ngeneral throy of employment money and interest. The 2020s are likely to make the system designs our tech spreads irreversible- will the end game be big brother extinction or little sister sustainability?

Sunday, February 23, 2020

3 generations of my family have contributed unique to the world knowhow to media and mediation relevant across the whole of asia europe search sir kenneth kemp and norman macrae if you havent yet brother to do so  if eg trump is to be replaced or the youth are to be sustainable- you have all not only abused me and the people i have intro'd you to but have had negative consequences because each of you fails to clarify who is the most influential person you are trusted by- i am withdrawing from this group and unless  you explain who is the top person you know and what you are working on i will ignore every message- moreover if you try and waste time of anyone i first introduced you too i will take action- i am working 20 hours a day to try and help servant leaders- you all are just using media in the mk9ist wasteful of ways-you have each cost my family huge amounts of money and trust  facing localities you claim matter most to you-why dont you learn from each other instead of abusing me-how muct time have you spent in usae and with  sunita gandhi and abdul latifee the yokois japan the mandela u in south africa prince charles green networks of the bbc mostofa- i could ask the same question of each you starting with wise moving through new universities in africa connections of george soros or hbucs

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

well lee its 56 years  since dad introduced prince charles to japan emperor and sony's morita at tokyo olympics
 1964-hard for amy to recall 31 years before she was born- at the time the great leap forward seemed to be demings microelectronics, architects and engineers supercities, bullet trains ad superports- and indeed thats what deng fell in love with 14 years later and asked the japanese to come to tsinghua to teach- thank heavens for deming economy
One of them is communist China, which has been following a policy which Macrae calls "rural Keynesianism." The others are "capitalist roaders" such as South ... › obamauni

macrae (@obamauni) | Twitter

“ ” the first maps of womens economics appeared in china and bangladesh og the 1970s see women rural keynesianism and ...
but those who value  -or just sing thank heavens for little girls - will know that tokyo was also first satellite olympics ie where cost of global fashion superstars went exponentially up

song and amy started discussing all these things in brooklyn before we got to baltimore or before amy learnt open space in beijing and with harrison Welcome to Open Space and - unfortunately at that time we did not know basir whose brooklyn radio channel for black new yorkers and inner city youth is pivotal now that soros-botson- OSUN scholars are the most joyful hub any town's youth can linkin

basir's other job is at probably americas main social justice college since there isnt one of thurgood marshall and rev al's community in baltimore-all pretty urgent because tick tock we dont have a major fashion partner like uniqlo linked in to the olympics even though we know bracs partners ma and bank kimoon are linking in tokyo and garment fashions are the next market asias poorest girls need to redesign-and the greatest arts scholars network led by soros and musician botstein could be within reach now if eg jaan chooses optimal college to partner wit it

last time i was in tokyo probably 2014 i was at the future capitalism summit hosted by tokyo uni school of global health and sons of a president of toyota as amy knows well-

my understanding lee is emiko family -with jim kim the only health servants to have worked at world bank -who amy and maurice met xmas 2015 and emanuel will meet in tokyo feb 24- can you see if that fits you lee- emanuel multiplies scholars exchanges through about a donen hubs/thinktanks in korea japan china vietnam and dc- his dc dialogue space is 3 minutes walk from brookings and hopkins and csis - all places currently occupied by trump-so the games afoot- by november we will know if extinction has been averted.-join at cop26 glasgow nov for the 260th and perhaps last review of queens english and social engineer adam smith and machine engineer james watt- if japan and china are not best friends by then there will probably be no more points to score in\\with english speaking or computer coding

-Thank you Emiko. I think that tokyo 24th of Feb. Would be great. I have a lunch appointment but can see you before or after. Perhaps you can send me a note at

chris macrae dc+1 240 316 8157
coming soon at
Houston we, the peoples, have a problem with the 2020s. This time round it's no about getting men back from the moon: its whether 95% of the world’s peoples trust that Americans on their own can be in time to lead the human race back to sustainability of children all over the world. May we clarify : 199 nation’s problem is not with how inspirational American people are, its with the quality of their own freedom of speech. It seems that the people of the 50 states  are not free to question media, politicians or supreme justices.
Take the early 21st case study of Texas’ own The Dixie Sisters: they received death threats and had their careers halted when they quite humbly asked whether President GB understood the future of the cultural war of minds -and geographic boundaries of (oil-rich but people-poor) nations - he was rushing into his war with one Iraqi by the name of Saddam Hussein. Its not as if US’s hi-tech half century has had a good record of keeping poetic people safe: be they John Martin Jack or John – Kennedy Luther-King Kennedy or Lennon to name but four.
Of course, when it comes to missing education curricula of happiness and freedom, we could start by blaming the Bard for being the culturally most inquisitive writer in the English language. Writing in the 16th century he poses dozens of deep puzzles about human nature in the old world but practically none about the new world. Or we could blame the Dutch- if they hadn’t traded New York for a nutmeg producing island in the archipelago of Indonesia, Americans might have questioned the world in Dutch instead of the administratively big headmaking language of English.
Instead of playing blame games, this book would prefer to ask can we charter a 7th wondrous economy by Imagineering how to integrate six global economic models:
The pound- king of currencies til 1914 though queen victotia tried once to charter a different economy out of india 1960
The dollar -king of paper currencies
The Borlaug (a micro-green economy that helped a billion mothers to design village community collaborations to  end starvation by famine, and loss of life expectancy by dehydration and other preventable viruses)
The Deming – many engineers and architects most exciting real economy
The Digital of Von Neumann , Moore et al – a trillion times more analytical and linguistic power to compound over 6 decades to date
The Space and Satellite and Mobile of Korolev and Kennedy, and most recently of Nordica and Huawei
But before we try to map whether hi-tech can ever linkin all the peoples on the ground- lets draw an American map that had emerged by 1964

On Monday, 13 May 2019, 15:48:44 GMT-4, Lee Wainwright <> wrote:

Hi Chris!

I just finished a business plan, don't worry, I'm not asking for money, I just wanted to let you know how things are going.  Jafus is helping Miko and I to create a young girls E-Textile fashion show in Baltimore.  He plans to submit a proposal to NSF for funding.  I am talking to 3 licensing companies who have asked for the rights to represent my latest patented Opti-Coupler tech.  I will decide next month after all of them send me their proposals.  

I entered the NASA Tech Briefs contest again this year since I've won two previous awards from them out of a silo filled with entries from dozens of different countries.  I can make this a STEAM kit too for young girls to make their own products to sell and become entrepreneurs...

One STEAM kit that I will offer is one that kids can use to make their own plush toys talk.  We made a Hello Kitty plush toy talk and this one is one I made by downloading the image from Star Wars and ironed it onto a soft fabric then stuffed it.  I hope you enjoy the video.

Zorabots makes therapeutic plastic robots for the elderly to act as companions in nursing homes.  I sent them this as a possible alternative to those who cannot afford a few thousand for a plastic toy that can't speak to them in the voice of a loved one like mine can do.

Anyway, I'm conducting a workshop at ANIME North in Toronto 23rd -27th for designers teaching them how to use my STEAM kits to add special effects to their costumes.

Life is good.  Hopefully you're doing well too!

H. Lee Wainwright 

(610) 463-8777 (Mobile)

Saturday, February 8, 2020
WAY 37- road to cop26 glasgow and reflection on brexit and on new us presient
very difficult week to see where human common sense is

i come from the viewpoint tracked since 1984 when i coauthored the 2025 report that 2020 is the most dangerous dear-ridden year since world war 2 that elders have put youth in the middle of- media has done a terrible job in getting us to this stage- and my profession is applying statistics to media so clearly mea culpa
i am just a statistician- i dont have deep experentail practice in health or music or architecture or engineering or drones or arms - but i think i can find an extreme innovation voice if first enough people have clarified a context- the fact that I have interviewed quite a lot of these voices doesnt mean that I can quickly get into their diaries for a meeting

stephen delighted to meet you or any of your or emanuel linked students an mentors any time but conversation 1 isnt mine its eg what amitav chooses to do -(I can try and ask him for a coffee in bethesda but if i do he will give me one time - at that isnt likely to best for your diaries- thats why if you dont mind phoning him - say i urgently believed it is in his and your students best interest and see if he responds)

Amitav contact
mobile +1 (202) 821-2523 last seen whatapp 8.27 am location bethesda region- diary just cancelled 6 weeks he had expected to spend in beijing mid february to end march
Amitav Acharya (born 1962) is an Indian-born Canadian scholar and author, who is Distinguished Professor of International Relations at American University, Washington, D.C., where he holds the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance at the School of International Service, and serves as the chair of …
Professor Acharya was the inaugural Boeing Company Chair in International Relations at the Schwarzman Scholars Program in 2016-18. He has held ...Amitav Acharya - 2011 - ‎Political Science….
Agency and Power in Asian Regionalism Amitav Acharya ... my three research fellowships at Harvard University—with the Harvard Asia Center (2000–2001), ... I am grateful to Ezra Vogel and Bill Kirby at the Asia Center, Joe Nye and Dennis ...


CONVERSATION 1 -DC situated people who could most benefit from chatting to amitav unesco top professor located     american university tenleytown/bethesda-last time i had tea with amitav who is quite a humble person i asked could i know and witness next time you go unesco in paris?- he said it doesnt work like that - when someone is desperate on something specific they come to me; in my case i had just had a conversation with the head of education's team at unicef one block from ny hq- he had said I am tired of discussing importance of education i want to find transformative models  dont know who to contact- obviously conversation 1 is chatham house rules- neither amtav or unicef said that publicly-- i am used to unesco surprises- the first time a chinese student showed me round tsinghua - it turned out she was being trained ti speak english as a budding diplomat- i asked to see where her department was- we went into one of the oldest buildings in the campus wheres suddenly some lecture notes were in english and I discovered unesco had a one man mission inside china's largest engineering university- at that time the new schwarzman college had not quite opened Schwarzman Scholars

(even if indian people do net get outbreak of the virus my models suggest their economy  will be biggest loser of any policy trump leads on the virus)

regarding amitav and where my data points me- probably nobody in washington dc area is more responsible in 2020 for mentoring graduates who joined schwarzman's idea (his book what it takes should be more essential reading than any single economics book) that a 25 year old cant make the most of the 21st century without a year in china only to find that this years class of schwarzman are either marooned in tsinghua's newest college beijing or doing things online- probably only emanuel or stephen can phone amitav and explain why the youth they connect have similar urgent needs to the schwarzman youth - his mobile is- ironically all of blackstone blackrock and bloomberg funds -and since 2 weeks ago soros' (but he is only 32 billion whereas western pension funds are 300 trillion!) have turned a corner towards green but only schwarzman scholars are freed to find their place on the world

christina can offer you a different view - she is the only younger person i have so far successfully introduced to amitav in spite of having known him for 12 months now since we first met in beijing at tsinghua and at ccg which emanuel is also a fellow of- christina mediates womens education at brookings- that is highly political- currently womens education at brookings under trumps law does not celebrate what chinese students can search out to understand that look at this interview of cheng li at brookings and kissinger n dec 2016 at committee100 and li ka -shugs new york university branch ckgsb Henry Kissinger and Cheng Li express cautious optimism about U.S.-China relations in the Trump-Xi era

when kissinger helped form com100 as american chinaese friendship networks it was led by architects and musicians - the architect whose work included the glass pyramid at the louvre died last year but yo yo ma is still going strong across te silk toad ensemble out of harvard and wherever music is borderless and happy › about

About Silkroad — Silkroad - Silkroad Ensembl

Yo-Yo Ma conceived Silkroad in 1998 as a reminder that even as rapid ... dynamic, he began to learn about the historical Silk Road, recognizing in it a model for ...

the big brother bullies network that has its epicentre as donald trump and currently the majority in congress has destroyed literally any work young people inspired by this interview would have started doing- so we have wasted 4 of the critical 15 years to sdgs and if trump is re-elected- no smart young person can afford wasting another second with trump curricula- the student world will be decoupled and its where the tech is being designed

 worse it has destroyed connections across disciplines such as going green or going more deeply healthy or valuing rural mothers as an economic force multipliers
i attended the commiitee100 annual meeting in dc in summer 2017 - i tried to explain 4 cultures chinese community health black inner city health franciscans (what pope francis tried to help launch sustainbility goals around) bangladesh and scottish views of making training of nurses economical all needed each pother- sadly the main convenor of committee100 had  an experience growing up where his best friends waskilled by a black teneager- so he would not accept that young chinese americans and young black americans had similar challenges- this is a conversation hat can link vasir's radio station out of brooklyn and rev al faith movements connecting baltimore pope francis and maybe even romney if new republican virus are to have any green or health impact at all

my point is that while community-deep capacity to end virus is now essential - how to bridge this needs translation between every pair of cultures in ways that do not translate across another pair when the top of a nation or the g7 is dear mongering instead of serving parents-  cultures reconciliations needs relentless personal attention/trust -the exact opposite to totally antisocial media that eg twitter use is made of by trump
  chinese students are desperately asking americans of their age to help them with in the case of the corona virus- there are parallels in what black inner city youth needed eg obama 8 years to start up but which were not started at even one historically black college- there are parallels in why japan and china leaders need to review which solutions only they can bring to the world- isnt it obvious that a man like trump will try and use the virus to ruin the japan olympics - if that does not get abe and xi jinping to work as one behind the scenes on the truth of how to beat the novel corona virus nothing will - other parallel challenges like abe and jinping need a joint approach to north korea wont happen

I think there is a game if you would like to help develop the rules which can mediate the exact opposite of what trump uses americas mass media and its social media for

it postulates that the world has to integrate a 7th new economy by 2030 at least in terms of directions we are uniting across nations- its an economy so that one day before 2050 wherever the next girl or boy is born she has a chance of happiness and freedom

-the 4 new economies that emerged between 1945 and landing on the moon

space and satellite telecoms which within a generation meant universal mobile connectivity

the rest of von neumann digital tech (multiplying in analytic power (100 fold during the 5G 4G 3G @G 1G secdes according to moore law) which as a statistician i see in terms of machines calculating in seconds what would take me a lifetime with one big dataset- but its still the human choice what data you put into the AI mind to platform

deeply grounded apps of engineering-japan has led how this can be applied anywhere thanks to deming - this ought to be why every asian now loves japan

womens rural green keynesianism

which china and bangladesh started inventing through the 1970s and is the rural side of soros network & map  of SDG generation 

all of the above are new exponential value multipliers (sustainably up or crashing mother earth's meltdown)- they reduce what visions previous economies could realise to making old people the worst possible educators of what 21st c sustainable innovation must be f we are to partner the sdg generation now- at least the worst educators when ruled over by todays american congress

rewind to see the old economies the way that was simple to the 2 glasgow university alumni -watt inventor of what engines will do and adam smith quizmaster of what moral markets could do-  

old economy 1
the pound replaced gold and spices  between about 1500 and 1776 and 1843 it ruled the world- the english language went everywhere big business went so did slavery- so did early forms of engineering knowhow but only applied for the colonial rulers

between 1843   and 1945 and the death of kennedy- the dollar took over - unlike the island size mindset of the pound- this was rooted in a continent wide smash and grab- it promised to unite the dreams of everyone  it intervened in the old words wars - it started off hope around the moon race but then with the death of kennedy it failed to understand continent-wide diffusion across asia could not replicate the american 19th century smash and grab model- american mass media lobbyists were used to blind americans from the fact that their global economic model wasnt adaptable to the 2/3 of people still without access to electriity grids even as america's giant leap to the moon -50 YEARS OF FAKE MASS MEDIA HAS MADE PURPOSEFUL SPEECH ABOUT UNITING HUMAN RACE IN AMERICA PROHIBITIVELY EXPENSIVE

and other bad (or confidence destroying) things like europe common agricultural policy and ponzi scheme social pensions that depended on population bubbles,  and americas first failed war abroad ie vietnam, killings of black american leaders, streets become drug infested- ie far too slow real reconciliation of american whites blacks and south america, as well as muddling by russian things went wrong with what the dollar mindset stood for globally- if kennedy had been alive in 1968- he would have read the best news ever- the chinese found out that mao had starver 50 million of them buying nuclear ideology from russia- from that moment on the whole chinese consciousness became the exact opposite of stalin communism- in fact is is what was china from 1968 at its best that became the only chance of the continent of asia with 2 out of 3 people of species could be linked into sustainability goals

today there ia a very simple thing illustrate by corona virus
if you account for how much money per head nations have spent on health over decades then
america has probably spent in todays terms at least 400 dollars per head compounded since say 1900 -so its a pity has lost touch with community building as job 1 of health and safety services

japan maybe 300 dollars per head since 1962 but much less before that
parts of europe maybe 200 dollars per head but not youth community focused

china about 20 dollars per head - most if it the most deep community levels but not designed to counter a new virus at every level of a nations real time operations

so however hard china tries it cant solve virus without someones genuine help - it that is not british language thinking out of eg te lancet with japanese thinking with eg boston thinking around jim kim then it will be re-elected-trump-america that multiplies every greatest risk of health/safety of the 2020s

Just a few pennies worth - probably why i cant be much help individually but might be able to locate who you need if i understand what context one of your student networks wants to devote itself to getting a moral coalition to 

everyone- if you kindly got this far- i am sure there are many errors above and they are all mine
but how do we keep friendships going between all chinese youth all other asian youth and eg all english speaking youth- and how do we stop putting youth in debt at the same time as trump-type fporces are wasting their future chances of sustainability, health safety without losing hope, ...

when the worlds most powerful people in the world use lies and multiply fly and have the most connected tech ever -we go down george orwells route and 2020 was timelined over 40 years ago as to be the decade by which we could never afford big brotherdom again

i realise some find soros controversial but i thing he's the most rooted action learning network in usa at this time - i hope basir and rev al look at this opportunity from black america viewpoint and if they make progress we can all learn from basirs brooklyn radio channel and brads microcollege at brooklyn public library   LEON BOTSTEIN 

Saturday, February 1, 2020

delighted to know if there is another plan z

guterres pulled strategy components of  report on same issue his digitalcooperation panel with melinda gates and jack ma and itu geneva was due to report april 2019 due to not wanting to battle trump

ditto he has been sitting on report of top 5 financial people (blackrock  blackstone  schwab...)  of 300 trillion dollars western pension money not accepting any sdg investment nor and asian infrastructore invetsment as asset grade

something has to give some time before november coo26 glasgow imo


----- Forwarded message -----
From: Bloomberg New Economy <>
To: "" <>
Sent: Saturday, 1 February 2020, 07:02:07 GMT-5
Subject: America is all alone

The more Boris Johnson’s government wavered over allowing Huawei into Britain’s 5G networks, the louder the warnings from Washington became. 
“Can you imagine Reagan and Thatcher having a conversation in the 1980s saying, ‘Let’s have the KGB build our telecommunications systems, because they’re giving us a great discount?’” asked Matt Pottinger, the U.S. National Security Council official responsible for China. Britain went with Huawei anyway, a decision that may go down as a turning point in history.
If we are in the foothills of a new Cold War, as Henry Kissinger asserted at last year’s New Economy Forum, the balance of forces looks nothing like the last one. The possible outcomes are highly uncertain, too.

This week in the New Economy

Boris Johnson.
The actual Cold War—the one from which Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher emerged victorious—divided the world into two hostile camps. In Europe, NATO and Warsaw Pact tanks squared off against each other across barbed wire frontiers. But even then, Washington found it hard to limit the flow of technology. 
Three decades later, global value chains are making nonsense of Trump administration efforts to force countries to choose. Consider the fact that Ericsson—the safe option, for those who see Huawei’s gear as a security risk—sources parts for its own 5G equipment from China
Britain knows Huawei better than almost any other Western country. U.K. cybersecurity experts have torn apart the company’s software, discovering serious bugs but no hard evidence of malicious intent. And its regulators have devised sophisticated safeguards against possible espionage or sabotage. Britain also plans to mitigate any risk by excluding Huawei from the core of its 5G networks and capping its market share at 35%.
Some interpret Johnson’s decision to rebuff Washington as pragmatism. From this perspective, he’s provided a sensible template for countries who share America’s distrust of Huawei but can’t resist its low prices and high quality products. It’s quite likely much of the rest of the world will copy Britain’s cautious embrace of China’s flagship tech company.
The break goes much further than that, however. By ignoring repeated warnings to exclude Huawei, the British prime minister sent a bigger message to President Donald Trump: Nobody will join a Cold War against Beijing, not even Washington’s closest ally. 
This is one of those moments that underscores how global power is shifting in Beijing’s favor—not decisively, but in ways that shape the critical choices of governments, even when those decisions could compromise their long-term national security. 
Johnson’s decision may come with a price, though. Not only has he jolted the “special relationship,” but his gambit raises questions about the U.K.’s future as part of the “ Five Eyes” anglophone intelligence alliance. Moreover, he may have jeopardized the jumbo-sized U.S. trade deal he desperately needs now that Britain is pulling out of the European Union.
Still, no country can afford to have China as an enemy, a fact that makes Reagan-Thatcher era analogies fall flat. Johnson’s momentous choice reveals the limits of Washington’s efforts to contain an adversary by choking off its access to technology and going after its tech champions. It simply can’t build the necessary coalition: This Cold War is winding down even before it’s properly begun, and America seems to be all alone.

China’s $2 trillion check

Here’s another obstacle to America’s efforts to thwart China’s rise as a technology superpower: Beijing’s almost bottomless funding for science and the pool of ostensibly willing collaborators in the U.S. eager for cash.
The arrest of a prominent Harvard University scientist this week for allegedly lying to the FBI about receiving more than $2 mil­lion of Chinese money “un­der­scored how se­ri­ous Bei­jing is about at­tract­ing top tal­ent,” The Wall Street Journal said. The newspaper reported that, a decade ago, the Chi­nese gov­ernment pledged to spend what would amount to more than $2 tril­lion in today's dollars to re­verse a long­stand­ing brain-drain.

Wash your hands

The journalist and physician Elisabeth Rosenthal covered the SARS epidemic for the New York Times while living in China with her family in 2002 and 2003, so she’s well placed to offer advice on how to handle the coronavirus sweeping the country.
She keeps it simple: wash your hands. Also, masks don’t work very well. Keep this in mind over the next several weeks when we can expect growing panic as the numbers of those infected grow. And for those of you in America, remember that the flu, and not the coronavirus, has already killed 10,000 people this season.

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